Locations and Landscapes

Whilst a fair amount of our location or landscape based shots make it into the commercial portfolio a great many are kept and worked on, almost in an art-like fashion. I have to admit to getting just a little bored with 'landscapes' when first starting out and working my way through the various disciplines of photography. But, landscapes, for me, are just that and hugely difficult discipline that is taken for granted and assumed to be one of the simpler. You'll see this reflected in the gazzillions of seaside landscapes available on stock sites on photo competitions.

So, inside this gallery you'll find my take on some Kent locations and some a little further afield, with my own twists.



Nature Projects

Yes, I know what you'll be thinking, inside this gallery you're going to find lots of pictures of cats, flowers and butterflies. Partly true, no cats...

Pictures of animals at the zoo? Yes, but maybe not as obviously as you'd think. Look out for the Sean Connery of the lion world. We'll be uploading many more photographs over the coming weeks.



Personal Architectural Projects

Over the last fifteen years during my media career, I've been lucky enough to visit many of the world's great cities. Along the way, in between airports and hotels, I've always managed to find just enough time to get out and look up and around. There has been the tall and the shiny and the odd run down warehouse, but all have had a story to tell. These are some of the images I've captured along the way and this particular image of the Transamerica Tower in San Francisco is one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy!


Long Archi